Nothing Special, 2007
I had complete freedom to explore technique and content in creating the book, Nothing Special. Taking the title and content into consideration, I presented it as a precious work of art in a signed and numbered edition of 40. It is inkjet printed in combination with screenprinting on artist paper, then bound by hand in a special way. The basic idea was to create a book out of my journal entries and sketches, where small, insignificant thoughts and images would be framed by reflections on womanhood. The title, Nothing Special, engages everyone, yet promises nothing, in a kind of reaction against false advertising.

Album, 1995
This was created at a point when a mere image on a wall wasn't enough for me and I was exploring space and context through printmaking . I tried prints in different media and thought them through in a way, just as with other elements of books (literary texts, essays, layout, materials), that formed a new whole. I was clueless as to what would happen. I just followed my intuition and drew from my passion for books as objects.